la Tina - Sparkling Barley 750 cl.
la Tina - Sparkling Barley 750 cl.

la Tina - Sparkling Barley 750 cl.

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 laTina is a Sparkling Barley produced in the Latina area by mixing beer wort in equal measure, obtained with hops - American variety - grown in Cori (LT), and wine must, obtained from the Bellone vine. It was born from the union of two Pontine realities: Pontino Brewery and Paolo Carpineti. Label With your gaze on the Circe shores and your back to the Lepini Mountains, that first sip is still there, rooted in the Pontine plain. Accompanied and preceded by that scent of Bellone: ​​"pantastic grapes" as Pliny defined it. The verve of the hops grown in Cori expands on the lips, while the freshness sinks into the throat. Our gaze is complicit, the second natural sip. Technical features Type: Italian Grape Ale (IGA) Grape variety: Bellone Hops: grown in Cori (LT) by 'I Vizi del Luppolo - A. Cherubini farm' Alc. 8.5% EBC 7 - Golden yellow IBU 10 Yeast: French Saison Food pairings Perfect for aperitifs. It goes very well with dishes with delicate flavors.